Tina Elmo Eats

I discovered my love for food while living in the East Village.  I was inspired by every neighborhood in the city, taking delight in every new restaurant and local watering hole that opened.   That was 15 years ago and I’ve been cooking and frolicking down the culinary path every since.  I was fortunate enough to have worked on a TV show while living in NYC where I developed a love for all things food.   With a new passion I  started my collection of pots, pans, cookbooks, specialty kitchen appliances & tools that I continue today.

After years of living in the city, I moved to Brooklyn and stayed there for the next three years where I continued to test recipes and cook for friends.   Brooklyn is where I truly discovered my passion for organic food and started to educate myself on free range meats and local organic fruits and vegetables.  Then I moved to Los Angeles, the home of the most incredible farmers markets and holistic lifestyle.    I’m home here.

This blog will document all the things I discover along my journey to find great food, restaurants, specialty shops, wineries, olive ranches etc… My goal is to tell my story step-by-step with pictures starting with whole foods to prepare and cook each dish – simple or complex.

This is my story – hope you Enjoy!


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